Newsletter – September 28, 2023

  • Newsletter – September 28, 2023


    US Government Shutdown Could Cause Massive Problems For Aviation
    An upcoming Government shutdown in the United States is set to potentially impede air transportation nationwide. The Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are among the organizations affected by the current budget crisis, which will see the organizations run out of Government funding at midnight on Saturday if a deal is not met. Read more here

    How Is Cargo Kept In Place On Aircraft?
    In order for the safe operation of air freight transport, proper measures must be undertaken to secure cargo properly within an aircraft hold (if utilizing a passenger aircraft) or on a freighter’s primary cargo bed. If cargo becomes loose during flight, this can lead to dangerous inflight movement, damaging an aircraft’s fuselage and even putting a plane in critical danger. Most commonly, inappropriate placement and securing of cargo can force aircraft to overshoot the runway during either takeoff or landing. Read more here


    Air-ocean price difference far above pre-pandemic levels
    The cost difference between air and ocean is now above pre-pandemic levels as ocean rates have rapidly declined.
    The latest figures from consultant Drewry Supply Chain Advisors show that airfreight now costs 16.7 times more than seafreight. Read more here

    150,000 empty containers stranded in Russia as trade imbalance grows
    The huge trade imbalance between China and Russia since the invasion of Ukraine has led to some 150,000 teu of empty boxes becoming stranded in Russia.
    According to new analysis from online box platform Container xChange, the surge of Chinese exports into Russia since it launched its war on Ukraine, has left Chinese exporters scrambling to find available equipment, while the price of second-hand of containers in Russia has crashed. Read more here (login required).

    China debuts new container size
    China has debuted a new-sized container, albeit one that is unlikely to take to sea.
    China Railway Group’s 50 foot containers will be used on the nation’s intermodal express trains.
    By Splash estimates, there are now eight different length containers trading around the world – 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft, 50 ft and the largest coming in at 53 ft, which are used on North American railroads. Read more here


    AI: a hot air balloon?
    After a lazy August column we feel like elevating things: it’s time to revisit the topic of artificial intelligence. Well at least we might avoid death by an overdose of articles on CO2 emissions …although no doubt AI, being so powerful, will soon sort out our little CO2 issue.
    “…collaborative data platform for the maritime and trade sectors, driven by ground breaking AI-enabled tools”
    “In our pursuit of data precision, we employ artificial intelligence to complement and refine information sourced from our more than one thousand sources” Read more here

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