CGL Cohesion Freight Auditing

Freight Auditing

CGL Cohesion’s respected freight auditing service is one of the many ways we provide clients with invaluable peace of mind. A key benefit is assurance—assurance that clients receive the full value expected from each transaction.

As part of the service, CGL Cohesion’s specialists conduct a review of your current procedures for managing inbound/outbound freight expenses. In addition, the freight audit verifies that costs on invoices correspond with services performed on your behalf.

This rigorous confirmation process—including an audit of freight rates and verification for misapplied discounts—allows us to forecast freight costs, which gives you a valuable tool to optimize cash flow management. 



  • Managing Inbound/Outbound Freight Expenses
  • Contract Reviews
  • Freight Rate Auditing Verification
  • Access to Reports and Freight Data