Newsletter – November 26, 2020

  • Newsletter – November 26, 2020


    Covid cluster delays air cargo at Shanghai and prompts inspections at ports
    Chinese forwarders are reporting delays of up to three days for cargo moving through Shanghai Pudong Airport, following the discovery of a cluster of Covid-19 cases.
    “Import and export customs inspections are suspended until further notice from the government,” said one forwarder. Read more here (login required).

    Shanghai Overtakes London As Best City For Air Connectivity
    Shanghai is now the best city in the world for air connectivity, overtaking London this year. The change comes as the pandemic continues to impact international air travel, with larger domestic airports taking the lead. Shanghai took the top spot this year, while London slips down to number eight in terms of global connectivity. Read more here.

    Delta Cargo shuts Chicago airport facility for 9 days
    Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) has shut its cargo facility at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport through Dec. 2 for what a spokesperson said was due to “an unforeseen staffing issue.”
    In a message to customers on Monday, Delta Cargo said it is not accepting, delivering or transferring any shipments. Dispatch of inbound and outbound trucks is also unavailable, effective immediately, it added. Read more here.


    FMC cracks down on alliances after complaints of ‘unreasonable practices’
    The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has tightened the screws on the three major ocean carrier alliances, demanding carrier-specific trade data is filed monthly rather than quarterly.
    The data goes to the FMC’s Bureau of Trade Analysis, which, given “recent fluctuations in the markets”, wants the information more frequently to help it better evaluate changes in the transpacific and transatlantic trades. Read more here (login required).

    Container Crunch Means It Pays More to Sail Empty to Asia
    Shipping carriers seeking to capitalize on the most lucrative trade routes are returning empty cargo containers to Asia, contributing to freight rates that have soared to record highs.
    Because the carriers aren’t first loading the boxes with exports before returning to Asia, the practice is pushing “demand for containers while simultaneously driving spot rates upward,” Josh Brazil, chief operations officer at data-analysis firm Ocean Insights, said in an email. Consumer demand is expected to remain elevated until the Lunar New Year holiday in February, he added. Read more here.

    Colombo port congestion: 50,000 teu logjam drives delays and rate hikes
    A backlog of 50,000 teu at the port of Colombo is causing chaos for South Asian transhipment cargo.
    The capital of Sri Lanka has been under a Covid-lockdown for the past couple of weeks, while a labour shortage at the city’s container terminals has caused congestion since early October. Read more here (login required).

    CMA CGM makes bold pitch for premium business on booming transpacific
    Transpacific ocean carriers are ramping up their premium services to take full advantage of the continued demand spike on the route.
    Recently during an earnings call, niche US flag carrier Matson chairman and CEO Matt Cox gave investors “a sense of the demand right now”.
    He said: “On our CLX and CLX+ services each week we are turning away more cargo than we are carrying.” Read more here (login required).

    Port of Halifax Continues to See No Vessel Berth Delays
    The Port of Halifax continues to experience excellent vessel arrival fluidity, with no vessels sitting at anchor awaiting a terminal berth. With the recently completed berth extension at the South End Container Terminal (operated by PSA Halifax) the port can now berth two ultra-class container ships simultaneously, which further ensures that Halifax can welcome vessels with no delays.

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