Newsletter – March 27, 2020

  • Newsletter – March 27, 2020


    China Restricts Flights To Stop Passengers Importing Coronavirus
    Yesterday, China announced the implementation of a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, including those with visas or residence permits. Now that China considers itself through the worst phase of its viral-outbreak curve, the country is making sure it maintains control of the situation. Read more here.

    Canadian Airlines No Longer Need To Offer Refunds On Cancelled Flights
    The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) issued a statement yesterday declaring that airlines are not necessarily expected to provide passengers cash refunds for canceled bookings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

    Air cargo demand, yields and revenue fall in the first two months of 2020
    Worldwide air cargo demand fell 3% year-over-year (YoY) in the first two months of 2020, a larger decrease than the provisional estimated fall of 2.7%.
    Netherlands-based analyst WorldACD added that a yield decrease of around 5% YoY in January/February meant that airlines lost 8% of revenues compared to the start of 2019.   Read more here.


    Maersk crew hit by coronavirus
    Maersk officials have confirmed that some of its seafarers onboard the 9,074 teu Gjertrud Maersk have come down with suspected coronavirus. The ship is currently at Ningbo, where it had been waiting to be phased into the Maersk network. Read more here.

    FMC presses to finalize container availability rule
    The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) said on Thursday its legal staff is working diligently to finalize an interpretive rule regarding the fair assessment of demurrage and detention fees on shippers by ocean carriers and marine terminals. Read more here.

    CMA CGM takes priority boarding concept global
    French liner CMA CGM is upping its capabilities when it comes to the concept of priority boarding for boxes.
    The Marseille-based container line yesterday launched SEAPRIORITY Go, an offering that guarantees priority transportation of goods.  Read more here.

    Owners cancel planned scrubber installations
    Reports are emerging of owners cancelling planned scrubber installations in China on account of the narrowing fuel price spread and the grim trade outlook brought about by the spread of coronavirus. Read more here.

    Ocean container volumes are about to fall off a cliff
    The new market outlook of U.K.-based consultancy Maritime Strategies International (MSI) reads like a Stephen King novel geared toward container-line executives. It’s not exactly feel-good reading for cargo shippers either. Cheap freight rates are only attractive if they don’t trigger another Hanjin Shipping-style bankruptcy. Read more here.


    Quebec Refines List of Essential Services
    The Shipping Federation of Canada notes on its website that, on March 26, Quebec refined its list of “essential services,” which extends to transportation and logistics, including ports, transportation, storage and distribution of goods at large. Read more here.

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