Newsletter – March 23, 2020

  • Newsletter – March 23, 2020


    Virus stresses air-traffic with closures in Midwest, New York

    Flights over parts of the Midwest were being rerouted Friday and the tower at one of New York’s airports temporarily closed in the latest disruptions to the U.S. aviation system as Covid-19 spread to the federal employees responsible for the air-traffic system. Read more here.

    Turkish Airlines Will Now Fly to Just Four Countries
    As the current coronavirus pandemic ravages airlines around the globe, Turkish Airlines has decided to cut most of its international destinations and just fly to four counties. The only destinations to continue to be served by what was once the world’s most well-connected airline are Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Moscow, Russia, Hong Kong, China, and both New York and  Washington in the United States. Read more here.

    Industry asks for looser all-cargo flight rules during pandemic
    Airfreight stakeholders are asking governments to exempt all-cargo carriers from certain health and operating rules because of their critical role in helping delivery medicines, medical equipment and medical supplies needed to combat the coronavirus. Read more here.

    UAE Halts All Passenger Flights – Emirates & Etihad Affected
    Adding to the chaos and conflicting information over the last two days, we now have news that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) intends to suspend all passenger flights into and out of the country in less than 48 hours.  Read more here.

    Korean Air To Fly To Only 21 International Destinations
    On March 20, South Korean carrier Korean Air released its most recent schedule in light of ever-increasing flight suspensions due to travel restrictions and decreasing demand. The list has just 21 international destinations, many of which are cities in North America. Read more here.


    IMO 2020 + Covid-19 = 0
    The coronavirus-driven fall in oil prices in recent weeks has all but eliminated the expected extra costs of this year’s new low-sulphur fuel rules for container lines and their customers, providing one piece of good news in an otherwise highly challenging period. Read more here.


    Transportation, logistics workers deemed essential during coronavirus crisis
    The transportation industry is critical for the movement of goods. But are all employees working for transportation and logistics companies “essential” during these unprecedented times of mandatory quarantines?  Read more here.

    US-Mexico Border to Close; Trade Will Keep Moving
    Following similar action along the Canadian border, the White House has closed the United States’ border with Mexico to nonessential traffic, but is exempting trade and commerce from the ban. Read more here.

    The fragile system supplying food to the world is under strain
    Global warehouses are stuffed with frozen cuts of pork, wheels of cheese and bags of rice. But as the coronavirus snarls logistical operations, the question becomes: How does all that food actually get to people? Read more here.

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