Newsletter – June 28, 2019

  • Newsletter – June 28, 2019


    Europe warns US off as it bids to curtail Air Italy flights
    It’s not strictly about air cargo, but the brass neck of the US big three airlines never ceases to amaze. And the European Commission has decided to do something about it, reports ATW. Read more here.

    Shocking: Air Transat Flight Evacuated As Insects Fall From Above
    An Air Transat plane had to cancel its journey between London and Vancouver due to an insect infestation. Passengers reported bugs an inch long were falling from overhead lockers as they prepared to take off. As a result, the trip was delayed 24 hours so that the aircraft could be fumigated. Read more here.

    Transat Agrees Air Canada Takeover Offer
    Canadian tour company Transat has accepted Air Canada’s all-cash offer of CAD$520 million (USD$397 million) for the Montréal-based company. Read more here.


    Whale deaths prompt speed limit in Canadian shipping lanes
    The Canadian government placed speed restrictions in two shipping lanes the Gulf of St. Lawrence in response to recent deaths of North Atlantic right whales. Read more here.


    Authorities launch clampdown on fake ‘Made in Vietnam’ labels on exports to US
    While Vietnam is consistently cited as a major beneficiary of the US-China trade war, its forwarders are aware that the dispute may prove a double-edged sword. Read more here.

    US port officials want giant cranes off Trump’s tariff list
    US ports could be set to hit by more problems from the China-US trade spat. While those on the west coast are already suffering volumes declines from falling demand, it now appears the cost of procuring their equipment could rise by as much as 25% if, as Transport Topics reports, the US government decides to include ship-to-shore container handling cranes in a new round of duty increases. Read more here.

    Uber Boat launch in Nigeria suggests water taxis may be next big thing in mobility services
    Uber is in talks with the Lagos state government and regulatory authorities to start Uber Boats services on its waterways, Bloomberg reported today. Read more here.

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