Newsletter – March 26, 2020

  • Newsletter – March 26, 2020


    Air Canada sets booking policy for cargo-only passenger aircraft
    Air Canada has outlined the cargo-booking policy for its freight-only passenger aircraft flights to Europe, with other flights planned for Latin America, South America and domestic services to remote communities. Read more here.

    In Pictures: Lufthansa Turns An Airbus A330 Into Cargo Plane
    With much of its fleet grounded, Lufthansa has converted one of its Airbus A330-300s into a cargo plane. While the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on Germany, the airline is assisting in the transportation of important medical supplies from China. Read more here.

    Airlines Can’t Shrink Fast Enough To Keep Up With The Unprecedented Collapse In Global Travel Demand
    It’s all but axiomatic that no business can stay in business if its number of customers and, therefore, its revenues, fall by a whopping 87% on a year-over-year basis. Yet data from the Transportation Security Administration show that is exactly the situation in which U.S. airlines now find themselves. Read more here.

    London City Airport Closes Doors Until End Of April
    London City Airport has closed its doors until the end of April under instruction from the UK government. The airport in the heart of London imposed the 36-day closure yesterday. As a gesture of goodwill, the airport will open the facility to support coronavirus recovery efforts. Read more here.


    Indian ports declare force majeure
    Several major Indian ports, including those operated by Adani Ports, the country’s largest private port operator, have declared force majeure as the country started a three-week lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Read more here.

    Carrier ‘no rollover’ guarantees will face a stiff test as demand slumps
    CMA CGM is launching a new premium product tomorrow that, it claims, offers customers transport guarantees and priority boarding across its liner network.
    “Seapriority Go provides customers exclusive treatment,” said CMA CGM, “their goods will be given priority whether it be for container allocation or loading on board. Read more here.

    Ocean Insights gives a clearer picture of blanked sailings, and it’s free
    As ocean carriers scramble to match vessel supply with rapidly reduced demand for shipments, container shipping freight data aggregator Ocean Insights has offered its dynamic database of blank sailings free to shippers and forwarders. Read more here.

    Carriers apply for emergency anti-trust exemption on US-Caribbean trades
    Three of the largest US container shipping carriers have applied to the Federal Maritime Commission for emergency permission to cooperate on trades between the US and the Caribbean.  Read more here.


    Truckers Restock Stores Faster As Coronavirus Keeps Traffic Light–And Truck Stop Showers In Short Supply
    Trucking companies are making heroic efforts to keep store shelves stocked with toilet paper, food and cleaning supplies that have run low amid panic-buying spurred by the poorly managed coronavirus pandemic, a task made easier by lighter-than-usual highway traffic. Read more here.

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