Newsletter – December 23, 2021

  • Newsletter – December 23, 2021


    Lufthansa Now Offers A Train For All Domestic Frankfurt Feeder Flights
    German flag carrier Lufthansa now offers a rail option of all domestic feeder flights bound for its main Frankfurt hub. The move makes it easier for environmentally-conscious travelers to cut their emissions when traveling from somewhere other than a significant Lufthansa hub. Read more here.

    Cathay Pacific Cancels More Flights As Quarantine Rules Remain
    Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)-based Cathay Pacific Airways says it plans to cancel some passenger flights in January due to ongoing restrictions. Despite already having some of the strictest travel rules globally, Hong Kong said yesterday that it was tightening restrictions on people arriving from what it deems to be high-risk nations. Read more here.

    In Photos: Airbus Bids Farewell To The Last A380
    It has been almost a week since Airbus delivered the last ever A380 to its biggest customer of the type, Emirates. The occasion was bittersweet for the European planemaker, and while the Omicron COVID-19 variant put a dampener on celebrations, Airbus made sure it didn’t go unnoticed. Read more here.


    2021: a year of Covid variants and milking the freight rate cash cow
    Starting the year in lockdown and ending the year in lockdown, it all seems like a scene from the Bill Murray classic film Groundhog Day, but in between we did manage some valuable face-to-face networking. So here’s hoping we can finally kick this nasty virus into touch in 2022! Read more here.

    What supply chain woes mean when you live next to a port
    It’s one thing to be an importer with your goods ensnared in the chaotic port congestion seen in the major hubs around the world, but what about when it’s on your doorstep, day and night? This Bloomberg report takes a wander through the US Wilmington district (not to be confused with the east coast port) that is adjacent to the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, and which sees countless numbers of container trucks each day using its residential streets as … Read more here.



    Supply issues hurting small businesses at Christmas
    Small business owners say Canadians continue to support independent and local businesses this year, but meeting customer needs has become more tricky.
    The owners say the message from last year’s marketing campaigns around how small businesses are struggling during the pandemic has stuck, and is translating to sales once more. Read more here.


    Container shortage sparks coffee shipping experiment
    In the coffee trading world, a ship steaming across the Atlantic Ocean is garnering a lot of attention.
    A break-bulk vessel named Eagle has wound its way from Lampung in Sumatra, through the Mediterranean and is now headed for New Orleans. Transporting robusta coffee bags stacked in its hold to the U.S.—where roasters are starved of supply—it’s one of the first shipments of this kind in over 20 years. Read more here. In the coffee trading world, a ship steaming across the Atlantic Ocean is garnering a lot of attention. Read more here.

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