Newsletter – December 17, 2020

  • Newsletter – December 17, 2020


    Air India Sale – What’s The Latest?
    The bids for Air India have officially closed, with several companies hoping to take over the flag carrier. With bidders ranging from the original founders, the Tata Group, to a group of employees, here’s the latest in the drawn out saga of the Air India sale. Read more here.

    IATA provides updated Lithium battery transport guidance
    IATA has released an updated Lithium Battery Guidance Document to assist shippers in understanding requirements related to the transport of lithium batteries.
    The airline association said the guidance document includes updated and additional FAQs for shippers to learn how to comply with dangerous good regulations.


    Regulators warn container lines to stop refusing US exports
    Growing allegations of ocean carriers abandoning U.S. exporters by not providing empty containers for shipments to Asia have led to heightened scrutiny for potential Shipping Act violations. Read more here.

    Container ports are booming — and not just on West Coast
    The spotlight is squarely on the avalanche of containerized imports at America’s largest gateway ports: Los Angeles and Long Beach. But it’s not just California. Volumes are also surging at Gulf Coast and East Coast ports.
    And it’s not just the U.S. “Chinese ports are completely filled with export cargo as carriers cannot cope with high cargo demand,” reported Alphaliner. In Europe, “vessels are regularly arriving one to two weeks after their reserved berthing window.” Read more here.

    New drone footage shows ONE Apus loss could be worse than feared
    New analysis of drone video footage of the ONE Apus container vessel, which suffered a dramatic stack collapse on 30 November in the Pacific, has revealed that as much as 4,500 teu could be lost or damaged.
    The 14,000 teu vessel suffered a massive container stack collapse en route to Long Beach after encountering heavy weather near Hawaii. Read more here (login required).

    Wider digitalisation has been forced upon ports by Covid pandemic
    Port digitalisation and collaboration beyond the terminal gate has been “supercharged” by the Covid crisis. According to Jonathan Beard, infrastructure advisory partner at Ernst & Young, the move to digitalise port ecosystems, and not just terminal automation within the port, is now a top priority. Read more here (login requied).


    Holiday puzzle: Vaccine, blizzard, e-commerce boom, trade war
    “There are a lot of ‘Karens’ out there pooh-poohing that all the Amazon packages they want for Christmas and Hanukkah are not going to arrive on time [because of vaccine delivery],” said CNBC senior editor Lori Ann LaRocco during the FreightWaves North American Supply Chain Summit on Tuesday. Read more here.

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