Newsletter – August 19, 2021

  • Newsletter – August 19, 2021


    Air Canada Cargo Storage Fees Will Apply After 48 Hours
    Effective August 23, storage fees for general cargo at Air Canada Cargo’s Canadian facilities will apply after a period of 48 hours, a change from the current standard of 72 hours.
    Storage time is calculated from 00:01 the day after arrival (check-in). For Friday arrivals, the first Saturday and national legal holidays falling on a Monday are excluded in determining when the complimentary storage period expires.
    The complimentary storage period of 24 hours for specialized freight remains unchanged.
    Should you have any questions about a specific shipment, contact the Customer Service Team, at 1-800-387-4865 or


    Walmart charters ships to help battle tricky peak season
    Walmart has become the latest big American retail brand to take shipping matters into its own hands, chartering a number of ships.
    The giant supermarket chain follows in the footsteps of Home Depot in deciding to move some of its goods on the transpacific via tonnage it controls rather than pay sky high rates to global liners for shipments that tend to arrive late. Read more here.

    Port congestion double-whammy sinks carriers’ schedule recovery hopes
    Alliance networks operating between Asia and North Europe are experiencing delays of up to a month due to worsening port congestion at both ends of the tradelane.
    Asia-North Europe loops with a pro-forma round-trip transit time of around 75 days are now taking 100 or more, with carriers obliged to juggle schedules at the last minute. Read more here (login required)


    Container feeder service operating between Hamilton and Montreal
    At the end of June, almost 300 containers were loaded onto the M/V Sedna Desgagnés at the Port of Hamilton, Ontario, as part of a new short-sea shipping service launched by Hamilton Container Terminal (HCT) in collaboration with Desgagnés. Read more here.


    Transportation Industry Can’t Find Enough Applicants To Fill Jobs
    The nation may be on the move again but there aren’t enough people to build the machines that move people and products around. Classified collectively as transportation equipment manufacturing jobs there’s a serious dearth of applicants to fill them while automakers, shipbuilders, aviation manufacturers and parts suppliers are scooping up as many of them as they can.  Read more here.

    ‘Goods mania’ adds pressure to already strained logistics infrastructure
    As new Covid-19 outbreaks heap fresh disruption on strained supply chains, carriers and customers alike are trying to gauge how much longer consumer demand will drive up global shipment volumes.
    Recent US retail numbers and statistics from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) suggest the momentum may be slowing, but analysis by Flexport points to a renewed rise in demand for consumer goods that will keep the system strained well into next year. Read more here (login required).

    Global Supply Chains Get Battered by Fresh Covid Surges
    Asia’s renewed surge in COVID-19 infections is compounding supply chain blockages across the world’s biggest source of manufactured goods.
    After weathering earlier pandemic waves better than other regions, the fast-spreading delta variant has thrown into turmoil factories and ports in countries that were once among the most successful containing the virus. Read more here.

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